This service  allows you to send text messages to multiple recipients using your PC, phone or the web. 

Sample use case 1:

You run a transportation business with 80+ employees. Your work takes you all over the country, so it is important for clients to receive notifications of their shipments. The Bulk SMS Service from SMART provides you with a platform from which to automize notifications to clients, at different points in their shipment, however many clients you have.

Sample use case 2:

A television station would like to collect feedback regularly from its viewers. It needs a system to store all viewer phone numbers, send out questions on a daily basis depending on the program watched, and collect responses in a usable format. The SMART Bulk SMS Service provides this system at an affordable and highly scalable price point.


Depends on business needs. Call us on 100 or 0740 100 100.

Terms and conditions

Product is subject to contractual agreement between your business and SMART. This service is not limited to the sample use cases provided here in.


Phone support: 100 from a SMART line, or 0740 100 100

Email support:care@smart.ug