You can get a ‘loan’ in the form of airtime or a product even when your account balance is low. Just pay us back later when it is convenient for you.

Sample use case 1:

You run a transportation business with 80+ employees. Your work takes you all over the country, so it is important for you and your employees to stay in touch on a daily basis. Time is of the essence to your clients, so it is never convenient to run out of airtime to make a phonecall. The SMS Credit Service from SMART ensures that you will always have the airtime to make a phonecall.

Sample use case 2:

A bakery in town has 20 employees. Some of them work in the bakery itself, some work in transportation and some work in catering. Staff complain that they have to make many calls for work and the bakery is now thinking of covering work-related mobile expenses. In order to stay within budget limits and still account for contingencies, The SMART SIM Credit Service enables all bakery workers to stay in touch on orders and ensure the company is operating efficiently.  


Subject to allowance agreed upon by SMART and client. Please call 100 or 0740 100 100.

Terms and conditions

Product is subject to contractual agreement between your business and SMART. This service is not limited to the price point or sample use cases provided here in. All prices provided here at tax inclusive.


Phone support: 100 from a SMART line, or 0740 100 100