Select form a wide range of useful business-oriented information, which is accessible to info-services subscribers through mobile SMS and USSD.

Try out any channel by sending an SMS with a keyword of your choice to 15671. SMART invites you to enquire about how this service can apply to select groups of staff and management.

Sample use case 1:

You work for a bank that needs to be in the know. Apart from your media monitoring activities, you also want an easy-to-use way of getting up to date information about exchange rates and commodity prices in your city. Using SMART’s Information Services for business, you can get tailored notifications of changes in the market, right at your fingertips, however regularly you want them.

Sample use case 2:

A sports broadcasting company needs to know of updates in the locations it broadcasts from. With sporting Information Services from SMART, the company can enable all its live streaming teams to stay ahead of the next football match so that they deliver better to their viewers.


This service requires a low monthly subscription and a small charge for downloaded content.

Your monthly subscription fee is 1,000 UGX, which includes one download.

Price per additional download is 400 UGX.

Terms and conditions

Product is subject to contractual agreement between your business and SMART. This service is not limited to the price point or sample use cases provided here in. All prices provided here at tax inclusive.


Phone support: 100 from a SMART line, or 0740 100 100

Email support: