SMART Selecta

Surprise you callers with a catchy tone or message whenever they give you a shout.

Say goodbye to the boring, old ringtone. Now, while people are waiting for you to pick up their call, they can hear a Smart Selecta Tune. Your Selecta Tune can be anything you like, from your favorite song, to a personal message. Be creative and show your personality.

You can even personalise your Selecta ring back tone. It could be a special message to friends and family or even an advertisement for your business or product.

To set up your personalised message, simply contact our team at 100 or 0794 100 100.

How to subscribe
There are several ways to get SMART Selecta.

  • Dial 157 for voice instructions.
  • Dial *157# for a USSD menu.
  • SMS a keyword to 157.
  • Direct your browser to
  • Copy someone else’s tone by pressing * when you hear it.
  • Call customer care by dialing 100.

This service requires a low monthly subscription and a small charge for downloaded content.

You will be charged a monthly subscription fee of 500UXG for each download.

Terms and conditions

This product applies to SMART customers only. Once you have subscribed for 500 UGX per month, you will have access to download one Selecta ringback tone. Your Selecta downloads will be charged at 500 UGX per tune per month.